Craftsman Tote Material Color:


Craftsman Tote $48

A dual-handled classic tote. The bag that’s taken uptown, downtown and out of town, time and time again.
Pioneer Backpack Material Color:


Pioneer Backpack $140

A streamlined, single compartment roll-top backpack constructed from sturdy canvas with a reinforced bottom for heavy-duty lifting.
Surveyor Backpack Material Color:


Surveyor Backpack $180

A sturdy canvas backpack with an interior outfitted for the necessary goods of any journey.
Satellite Sling Color:


Satellite Sling $95

Compact and tech friendly, the Satellite Sling is built for high-speed travel.
Fleet Duffle Material Color:


Fleet Duffle $95

Downtown or downriver, the agile Fleet Duffle packs just enough to keep you well-equipped without weighing you down.
Atlas Duffle Material Color:


Atlas Duffle $180

Pick a spot on the map, grab the ever-ready Atlas Duffle, and hit the road, sky, trail or track.
Land + Sea Duffle Pack Material Color:


Land + Sea Duffle Pack $210

Built big, built sturdy and built with attention to detail, the Land + Sea is the veritable all-terrain travel companion.
Journey Pack Color:

Heathered BlackOliveGrey

Journey Pack $160

Lightweight, but heavy-duty, the Journey Pack is the consummate traveler.
Rubicon Rucksack Color:


Rubicon Rucksack $365

Strong as an ox, the Rubicon Rucksack is a messenger bag built for heavy road use.
Nomad Knapsack Color:


Nomad Knapsack $140

The Nomad Knapsack transforms from messenger bag to backpack for wherever you roam.